The inter-university and consolidated research group of the Andalusian Research Plan  “Semaínein” (code HUM 147), is subsidized, since its foundation in 1994, by the Junta de Andalucía. Although officially attached to the area of General Linguistics of the Department of Philology of the University of Cádiz, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Miguel Casas Gómez (main researcher and head of the group), a total of thirteen researchers are involved in this group, mainly from the Universities of Cádiz, Alcalá and Granada (Ceuta campus).


Research lines of “Semaínein” research group (HUM147) from the Andalusian Plan for Research, Development and Innovation (PAIDI):

  • Semantic relations and language levels
  • Language contact and linguistic variation.
  • Phraseology.
  • Specialized terminology and languages.
  • Applied linguistics.
  • Linguistic Historiography.
  • Pragmatics and discourse analysis.
  • Suborational syntax and semantics.
  • Lexical interface and syntax.
  • Forensic Linguistics.
  • Psycholinguistics.
  • Clinical Linguistics.
  • Linguistics of communication and types of languages.
  • Text linguistics.
  • Automatic language processing.
  • Lexicography and phraseography.
  • Lexical availability, language contact and variation.
  • Methodology in the teaching and learning of foreign languages.